Playground Safety Grass Mats

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  • Our playground matting is perfect for use in your playground.

  • These ring-hole mats will allow the grass to grow back through the mat giving maximum protection to the children whilst keeping the lawn looking fresh and green! Not only are they brilliant when they’re installed, actually installing them is as simple as it can be!

  • All you need is a few of our pegs cable ties; lay the mat down, fix into the ground with the pegs, fasten the next mat using our cable ties, pin to the floor, and continue the process! It couldn’t be easier to install our playground mats!

  • Playground Mats are a recycled rubber safety surface used all over the UK by councils, schools, stable owners and general domestic users.

  • They protect the ground from becoming churned up which can create a boggy and muddy mess.

  • Playground Mats are commonly used in children’s play areas but they are also the perfect product to protect your lawns, garden play areas and for equestrian access as these places tend to be prone to becoming boggy due continual use from pets, horses and children.

  • They also provide a fantastic anti slip surface great for use behind bars and cellars.

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