EMS2000 Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge Sheet – 200mm²

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Ultra-soft flame-retardant black silicone foam. This sponge's softness makes it possible to seal enclosures with less force while still providing protection. This is a great option for applications such as cushioning, vibration isolation, sealing exterior enclosures, and protecting electronics from shock and heat.

A sponge with high compressibility may easily fit into irregular forms and gaps with different widths. Superior performance is possible in all circumstances because to excellent memory, low stress relaxation, and resistance to UV, ozone, and high temperatures.

Applications for low-closure force gaskets in electronics like laptops and LCD screens in the interiors of airplanes and trains, as well as HVAC systems in the aerospace sector, are among the possibilities. These applications also include vibration isolation in electronic components and transportation vehicles.

This material is utilized in the rail industry for gaskets, anti-vibration/cushioning, HVAC systems, anti-fogging seals, lighting housing gaskets, gap fillers, and electrical display gaskets in the automotive sector.

200 mm by 200 mm sheets are available.

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