HT800 Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge Sheet - Linear Metre

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offers the lightness of a sponge combined with the superior sealing capabilities of traditional silicone. This foam is ideal for protecting and sealing outdoor communication, electronics and lighting enclosures. It can also be used for vibration-dampening. memory and low-stress relaxation makes it ideal for gasketing, and its Ozone, UV and extreme temperature resistance make it ideal for use in all environments.

Its cell structure prevents penetration by particles or water. Applications include but are not limited to, door seals, HVAC systems, lighting-housing gaskets, gap fillers, vibration-dampening and electrical display gaskets in the rail industry, anti-vibration cushioning, anti-fogging seals, battery pads/cushions and air bag seals, sound-dampening, window panel seals, gap fillers, and thermal insulation in the aerospace industry.

You are buying a minimum of 1 linear metre (915mm wide). Multiple orders will be supplied in a continuous roll.

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